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Drop D Films is a Film and Video Production company located in Murray Ky. We have experience in Movie Production, TV Commercial Production, Web series
videos, Music Videos, Band Videos, Live Video, Live TV video, Website commmercials, Actor Reels, Video editing, and all types of Promotional video,
Green screen video, Event Video, as well as any other types of video. We have a Full Video Production suite, with Final Cut Pro X, a full sound library, and a full audio
editing suite with Sonar Professional 8 with a full 32 Track recording studio at our disposal. Our production studio is located on North 4th St in Murray Ky, which
also houses our Photography studio, Oakwood Studio.
We also have a Recording Studio facility outside of town, to get away for the noise of the city, where we do all of our audio work for films, TV shows, and Music videos.