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Drop D Films currently have several projects in production. There are sometime several projects which are not listed here. To get more up to date information,
please visit our facebook page at www.facebook.com/dropdfilms or to follow filmmaking and film production in Murray Ky 42071

Currently we are re-writing a movie called "Another Chance" It is the story about a man whose life is
going nowhere, and suddenly finds out he is dying, and with his new attitude, he starts taking charge of his life.

Another project, a pilot for a TV show called "The Dukes of Ky", is about a band and their adventures from day to day life with managers,
bar owners, Pawn shop owners, and best of all . . . their fans. We look forward to getting started on this, because it is going to be great fun.

We are also working on "G2G" or "Generation to Generation", which is a hunting reality type show featuring local duck hunters Dennis Heskett and
his family featuring live duck hunting as well as old time stories, and generations of hunters. It is sure to be of interest to the hunters in your family.