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This group and website is the perfect solution for any singer or band between Nashville Tennessee and Paducah Ky. With all of the partners in this group, We can
take your idea for a style of song, write the song, take it into the recording studio, and work with the singer to find the strongest range they sing in, and then
record the song in the style most appropiate for them. Years of experience has helped us to find the sweet spot in your voice, and pull that into the recording.
We can then, master the song, and take it to the next level by putting it on cd, iTunes , soundcloud , or any other medium you may choose. The next step would be
to decide if you want to make a music video for the song, to play on Youtube, submit to MTV or CMT. We would then sit down with you and write a storyboard
to show the story of the video, and then start gathering the people and props to make it all happen. It is a little like magic when it all starts coming together.
Call us to get your project started! Call Ken at (270) 753-7050